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Save $1.00 TERRA Coupons on the purchase of TERRA chips products

For over two decades, TERRA® Chips has had a passion for creating delicious, high-quality chips. From the moment you open the shiny black bag, you’ll understand the TERRA difference. Every bag...

Ruffles Chips Coupons. Save $0.50 on Ruffles Chips Coupon

Ruffles is Canada’s favourite ridged potato chip delivering big, satisfying crunch and mouth-watering taste! Whether you are kicking back or watching the game Ruffles ridged potato chips will be a hit...

Lay’s Coupons & Offers. Save $0.50 OFF on Lay’s Chips

Lay’s potato chips crossed into Canada in 1962 and won over Canadians with their crispy and guaranteed fresh taste. By 1997, Lay’s potato chips became Canada’s favourite potato chip brand to this...

Miss Vickie’s Coupons. Save $1.00 on Miss Vickie’s Chips

The first bag of Miss Vickie's potato chips was created in Canada in 1987 and, to this day, they’re still kettle cooked here using farm grown select Canadian potatoes. They crafted this...

Sunchips Coupons. Save $1.00 OFF on Sunchips Snacks

SUNCHIPS multigrain snacks aren’t just any snack. They are the square, wavy, tasty, made with 100% whole grains that take afternoon snacking from ho hum to oh yeah. They are a...

Get your $0.50 OFF Doritos Dinamita© Coupon right Now!

Doritos, YES! It's an explosion of flavour your taste buds will love when you bite into a delicious Doritos Dinamita©. And now you can get $0.50 OFF on your purchase of ...
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