Check out the 10 Healthiest Foods for Women

The 10 Healthiest Foods for Women To Have In Their Diet

Health is wealth – no statement is truer than that. However, being healthy can be hard and the world of healthy eating can be confusing. There are so many contrasting opinions on what you should and should not eat. Women and men have different needs so it would make sense that there are some foods that are great for men and not as good for women and vice versa. Here at we care about your health (and saving you money!) so we’ve put together a list of the 10 healthiest foods for women.


One of the healthiest foods for women has to be Broccoli. Just 1 cup of Broccoli is packed with 100% of your daily vitamin C requirement and has an important health benefit for women. The Vitamin C in broccoli is essential for the production of collagen which gives your skin elasticity and helps to reduce wrinkles. Broccoli has also been linked to reducing cancer cells.

Healthiest Foods for Women - Broccoli


Another one of the healthiest foods for women is salmon. Salmon and other fatty fish are high in omega 3s. Omega 3s are anti-inflammatory and can help to decrease your odds of dying from heart disease by 1/3. Eating salmon has also been linked to a lower risk of arthritis and making the babies of pregnant women who consume salmon, smarter. 

Healthiest Foods for Women - Salmon

Greek Yogurt

Greek Yogurt is a food that is rich in protein. Studies show that women who consume more protein have an easier time with weight loss, muscle maintenance and age healthier. Greek yogurt contains double the protein and far less sugar than other types of yogurt.

Healthiest Foods for Women - Greek Yogurt


Beans may not look like much, but the eye can be deceiving as beans are actually one of the healthiest foods for women. Not only are beans packed with protein and fiber, but they’ve also been shown to prevent breast cancer, keep your heart healthy AND lower your cholesterol. It might sound too good to be true, but we promise it’s not.

Healthiest Foods for Women - Beans


Of course, no list of the healthiest foods for women would be complete without Avocados. Avocados can be considered a superfood. The healthy fats in Avocado are great for fighting heart-disease and have also been linked to helping you get a flatter stomach. Plus, avocados are recommended for Pregnant women as they are a great source of Folate which helps to prevent pregnancy complications and birth defects.

Healthiest Foods for Women - Avocado


The saying goes “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” but for women, it’s a banana a day.  Many people know that bananas are rich in potassium. However, there’s much more that make bananas one of the healthiest foods for women. One thing most don’t know is that Bananas are said to have anti-depressant qualities and Bananas have been shown to combat depression better than some anti-depressant medications. Pretty amazing, right?

Healthiest Foods for Women - Bananas


Although Garlic might not leave you feeling totally kissable, it’s important to make sure you have some garlic in your diet as garlic is one of the healthiest foods for women to eat. What’s so great about it? Well, the health benefits of garlic are endless. Garlic is a heart-disease fighter, lowers blood-pressure and has been linked to a lower risk of ovarian cancer.

Healthiest Foods for Women - Garlic


There’s a reason many women love kale so much and that’s because it’s one of the healthiest foods for women. Women who eat a lot of kale in their diet have stronger bones and experience fewer fractures due to the high amount of vitamin K.

Healthiest Foods for Women - Kale

Dark Chocolate

Every girl needs some chocolate in her life and luckily there’s one type of chocolate that is actually one of the healthiest foods for women. Dark chocolate is packed with antioxidants and has several great health benefits for women. Not only is dark chocolate said to reduce stress, but it’s also said to help unclog your arteries and reduce your risk of heart failure.

Healthiest Foods for Women - Dark Chocolate


The final food on our list of the healthiest foods for women is tomatoes. Tomatoes are one of the most underrated fruits and vegetables out there. Not only are tomatoes delicious, they’re also packed with amazing health benefits. Tomatoes contain an essential anti-oxidant – lycopene which is important for boosting your immune system,  protecting your vision and best of all, fighting breast cancer. If that’s not enough, Tomatoes are also packed with Vitamin A which is great for fighting acne and giving you a smooth complexion.

Healthiest Foods for Women - Tomatoes

Now that you know the health benefits of the 10 healthiest foods for women there’s no way you’ll ever let your diet be without them. To find all of these healthy foods and more on sale near you and for great healthy recipes head over to now.

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